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Winter Weddings at the Summit

Park City ish, Utah, Parley's Canyon, Jeremy Ranch Country Club

Man this one was couple here flew in from Austin, Texas to have their wedding ceremony in the snow, and they did everything right. Jeremy Ranch Country Club has a beautiful deck/veranda just outside their clubhouse with amazing views and a lot of shade actually (it was freezing, ha). Groom got himself a custom, very green, very textured suit, Bride with her fur-lined cape and sash and veil, she was about the most beautiful Bride I've ever seen, tears from the Groom, tears in the congregation, beautiful beautiful wedding ceremony. As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, I'm lucky to attract couples who are planning a wedding ceremony that requires someone with some flexibility and experience, or those who prefer a non-traditional, non-religious, thoughtful or funny or meaningful wedding ceremony because it's 2022, and we should be doing exactly what we want to do, not what our traditions or relatives have designed for us (at least those are my thoughts). So grateful this couple found me, weddings like this give me a little hope. And you should have heard their personal vows, good lord. Love is still very much alive.

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