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The OrangeBird Difference

My reviews say more than anything I could to show you I'm the right guy to officiate your wedding, elopement, or vow renewal, but if you still have's what I'm all about. Unlike your uncle or bishop or neighbor who happens to also be ordained to officiate weddings, or even the justice of the peace at City Hall, I'm a professional wedding officiant and non-denominational minister with hundreds of ceremonies under my belt. Whether 100 people are attending or if it's a true elopement with just the witnesses, whether you've been planning for months or if it's a spur of the moment ceremony, I've seen it all and I'm confident I can support you. 


Wedding Services Pricing

My prices are outlined below, but if you have concerns or would like to discuss anything different from my standard terms, please know that I am committed to being sensitive to budgets for my clients and am confident we can agree on a price and package that suits your needs:

- Standard Wedding Ceremony - $300

- Zoom/Remote Wedding - $150

- Destination Wedding $500+ TBD


- Wedding Rehearsal - $100

- Elopement Ceremony - $150

- Travel (30+ miles from Salt Lake) - TBD

- Vow Renewal Ceremony - $300



Here is a client review regarding her recent vow renewal:

"I think people really want to celebrate those milestones, and the fact that you've been so accommodating and engaged has meant so much to us personally. I would shout my love and commitment to this man from the rooftops to the world, and I never imagined I'd still feel my heart race and have butterflies in my stomach at the sight of him coming into a room, but I do. When I'm sad, or happy or ill, nothing else soothes my soul like he does. With a touch, a whisper, he sets my world right. And because I knew him so well as a friend first, dated for three years, lived together for 2 before we were married (I was a little gun shy) he knew me, my faults, my strengths, and he still chose me. He lived and protected not just me, but my babies and now our little grands. I want him to be reminded of how amazing he is, how much I love him" -- Lisa, Vow Renewal 

Optional Add-Ons

- Speaker/Mic Add-on - $50 (if you need me to bring a microphone/speaker to the ceremony)

- Travel - generally add $50 for locations 30+ miles from Salt Lake County, TBD

- Destination weddings (anywhere farther than an hour from Salt Lake) - TBD based on location

The OrangeBird Advantage

It's your wedding day, why risk hiring anyone but a professional? My ceremonies focus on commitment and dedication and friendship and love, emphasizing the importance of starting a life together on your own terms and working hard together for something bigger. And while the ceremony itself is obviously central to everything on your big day, please know that a great minister handles way more than just that. I've come to appreciate all of the nuances that make up a marriage and how I can best be of service:

- Offering guidance on the marriage license application and process

- Providing recommendations on location and service providers

- Overseeing the wedding rehearsal to ensure the best organization -

- Working with the venue to address sound, lighting, and setup

- Discussing timing, lighting, and location with the photographer

- Testing the music, cueing the procession, and closing everything out

- Writing a custom ceremony and delivering it with heart

- Reminding guests of the details that follow the ceremony

Book Your Service Now
  • OrangeBird weddings are custom, classic, and sentimental

    2 hr

  • Let's celebrate the day you wed, whether it was 5, 10, or 25 years ago

    2 hr

  • Pricing here may depend on your distance from Salt Lake, let's chat

    1 hr

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