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Winter Elopements at SugarHouse Park

If you close your eyes really hard, sometimes you get a beautiful sunny and snowy day like today, a perfect day for a wedding ceremony. This service couldn't have taken longer than 5 minutes start to finish, but even in those brief moments I share with what are more often than not complete strangers, I get to passionately share things about commitment and compassion and friendship and friendliness, because to me those are absolutely the things that make a relationship work. The wedding is a catalyst, a beginning, but when two people agree to be there day after day, to work through the hard stuff and look past the distractions? Yeah, that's the real deal. As a wedding officiant, justice of the peace, and non-denominational minister, I don't meet most of my couples until the moment we are face to face for the first time, but the message I've got, the thing I've learned about love through performing wedding ceremonies? That's as consistent and transferrable to all people as anything I know, and I can say it once with passion and a closed fist, for an elopement at the park for example, or I can say it repeatedly with just as much passion but a little more reverence in front of 100 people at a reception ceremony. It doesn't change. Love is the real deal.

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