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Wedding Ceremony Magic

It's been a bit, but this wedding ceremony from last Fall was one of the most beautiful weddings I officiated in all of 2021. In the mountains, at the base of a ski lift, fully supported and vetted by both sides of the families, I was honored to officiate this one (although the Bride came out almost an hour later than projected, ha). As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, most of my wedding ceremonies take place at non-religious venues, in the mountains or at a bar or in a backyard, and honestly the magic is often even more authentic when that's the case. You can see the foliage in the background here, yellow and vibrant for Fall, it made for a really beautiful wedding ceremony. Even for those watching from afar (we had an iPad set up for Zoom attendees), even for the remote wedding attendees, it was an amazing wedding ceremony. Magic is the right description.

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