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Unity Brand at Sundance

A lot of wedding ceremonies these days feature what's called a "unity ceremony", and as a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant I've been asked to oversee a lot of different kinds actually. This past weekend though, in the shadow of Mount Timpanogos on the Sundance side, I officiated wedding ceremony that featured one I'd never done before. The Unity Brand ceremony is beautiful actually, incorporating a flat piece of wood and a fire-hot metal brand fashioned with the couples initials. As is true with any other unity ceremony, the wedding officiant has language to read while the couple completes the process. Here the brand signifies the heat of their love and devotion and passion for each other, and the indelible imprint they will leave on anyone they come across as a couple. They then take the brand together and burn their initials into the wood, sealing the wedding ceremony, and creating a really beautiful piece to memorialize the day. Amazing action this time, one of my favorite weddings this summer.

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