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This Is The Place....To Get Married

So adjacent to Emigration Canyon, near the Zoo in the foothills of Salt Lake, is the historic State Park, "This Is The Place." the location is actually enormous, and pays homage to the Mormon pioneers who first entered the valley, but in 2022 it's a pretty rad location to host a wedding ceremony. As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, I'm lucky to learn about these spots as I officiate weddings in just about every location. Aside from where though, this wedding was memorable for a number of other reasons. Bride and Groom presented personal vows to each other, which isn't out of the norm, but something happened that I've actually never seen before. When the Groom was going through his, he talked about how cute he thought the Bride was and how beautiful her eyes were, and she literally went weak in the knees (the buckled a little). It was one of the cutest things I've witnessed as a wedding officiant, and that's with more than 300 weddings in my rearview. Cool cool wedding ceremony this week, loved this one.

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