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The Patient Groom

As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, having overseen more than 300 weddings in the last few years, I've grown some fondnesses. One of my favorite things is the emotional groom, I've said that before, but close behind that is the anxious/patient groom. There's a moment in every wedding ceremony, or most anyway, when the bride starts her procession down the aisle, "All rise to honor the bride," and that's when this kind of groom really lights up. He looks at his bride, he sees the future, he feels everything that's been building for a long, long time, his best friend, his partner, his wife, coming toward him. This picture shows exactly what I'm talking about, the anxious/patient groom, peering into his future as his bride walks toward him. Seriously, one of the best moments as a wedding officiant.

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