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The Mountain Elopement

Little Cottonwood Canyon in September is a pretty good spot for a wedding ceremony. As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant I'm asked to officiate in all sorts of locations with all sorts of ideas for a wedding ceremony. Sometimes those are an hour long, most times they're closer to half that, but in other cases, it takes us longer to walk to the perfect spot than it does to have the wedding ceremony itself. The non-denominational minister title assumes we leave religion out of it, and in most cases we satisfy the government requirements with just two witnesses to the service, and if we're smart about it, those witnesses can even be attending remotely, meaning it's almost a remote wedding for them. With this wedding ceremony, for example, it was Bride and Groom, me (the wedding officiant), and a photographer in person, then we Zoom'ed in the second witness. So this was about as small and intimate as you can get. Amazing wedding ceremony in a beautiful location.

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