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The Frigid Park Elopement

As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, I'm asked to officiate weddings of all shapes and sizes, from the 500-person glitzed service to the tiny 4-person elopement at the park. Regardless though, my wedding ceremonies focus on commitment and compassion and sharing and the pleasure it is to find your soulmate. My job as the service wedding officiant is to guide the process, read the room, and deliver a wedding ceremony that leaves everyone speechless. That's always my goal, that's always my ceiling. Today, on a frigid February afternoon, I met my couple at a park in South Salt Lake, just them and their young children and their two best friends (witnesses), and we held a rad elopement service in a totally unassuming and quiet part of the space, just below an old oak tree. Weddings on Sundays always hit a little bit different, but wedding services with committed love? That's what I'm talking about.

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