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The Deer Valley Wedding Ceremony

This October I've officiated 25 wedding ceremonies, it's definitely wedding season in Utah, and this weekend I was lucky enough to officiate this beautiful wedding ceremony in a Park City AirBnB just outside of Deer Valley. And not many of my services have been more heartfelt and sincere than this one. As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, I'm generally blown away by all of the beautiful locations and venues where I'm asked to officiate, but this weekend I oversaw four of the most amazing wedding ceremonies you'd ever see. So lucky to be in the spot I'm in, whether that's as a wedding officiant in person or even managing a remote wedding ceremony online or via Zoom. In 2022 there really are unlimited options for getting married, and lucky enough for me, as a non-denominational minister, I'm at the center of a lot of them.

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