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The Buffalo Point Elopement

Even though there's not much left of the Great Salt Lake these days, there's still some nice views to backdrop a quick wedding ceremony/elopement on a cold Saturday afternoon. As a professional wedding officiant and non-denominational minister, a lot of couples ask me to officiate for them with no real plan in mind, it just kind of raises to the surface as they plan for their vows. That was the case with this wedding ceremony too. Originally we'd planned to perform the service in Salt Lake proper, but the parents of the bride stumbled onto this location at Buffalo Point at Antelope Island, so we literally held a wedding ceremony with bison grazing in the background and the salty Salt Lake (mostly mud at this point) serving as the watermark. Beautiful, cold day to be a wedding officiant in Utah, but as it warms up, my calendar fills up too (one of the best times of the year to be a non-denominational minister).

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