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Thank You So Much, You're Like Family

As a non-denominational minister, justice of the peace, and professional wedding officiant, I perform a ton of wedding ceremonies all over Utah for couples who genuinely end up feeling like family. This week I was lucky enough to officiate for this cute couple at the Northampton House in American Fork, one of the most genuine, heartfelt, and authentic weddings I've ever been a part of, mostly because the bride and groom were so deeply in love with each other and the story they already have. I was hired by the Mother of the Bride, so most of my interaction was with her leading up to the wedding ceremony, but with that said, when were standing there at the alter, the emotion was powerful and palpable...I'll admit that I cried with them. And maybe it was that. Maybe that small connection resulted in some of the kindest words I've received as a wedding officiant, "thank you so much, you're like family." I connect with most of my couples, a wedding ceremony tends to do that, even for a non-denominational minister who doesn't know much about the couple. I believe strongly in the value and power of love, and I think that's why it's a perfect fit for me. Professional wedding officiant. Love this gig.

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