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Taxes and Marriage

Look as long as the government insists on involving themselves in our lives and our love and our relationships, the wedding ceremony will have its very practical place in the situations of our happiness. That said, it's a couple days from 2022, so if you want some nice tax benefits, maybe consider an elopement? I've done a half dozen in the last week or so, and maybe the timing is coincidental, but maybe it's not. As a non-denominational minister, wedding officiant, and justice of the peace, I'm actually helping a lot of people that the County is turning away right now for COVID safety reasons. And tbh, the intimate wedding ceremonies in the front room or at the park? In a lot of ways they are just as meaningful and powerful and functional as the wedding ceremony in front of a thousand people. Love wins, no matter what. No matter how much the government wants to influence things, love wins anyway.

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