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Sweet Magnolia Wedding Service

I was lucky enough to officiate a wedding service tonight in Kaysville at a venue I was unfamiliar with, Sweet Magnolia. As a non-denominational minister, I'm privvy to a lot of locations most other officiants may not be because I travel for my couples and a lot of families are involved in the coordination efforts. This wedding was like that. My job here was not only to officiate the wedding ceremony, but I stepped in to help coordinate the musical cues, the timing for the procession members, the post-ceremony logistics, and the big sendoff. My favorite part of a wedding ceremony is usually the personal vows from Bride and Groom, but in this wedding, they skipped that piece and had me, the non-denominational minister handle most of the presentation, everything but a few words that they said when they exchanged rings (repeat after the pastor). Lots of hugs and congratulations on this one though, not only for the couple but for the non-denominational minister as well, because the wedding ceremony went so well.

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