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Signing of the Marriage License

As a non-denominational minister, I see a lot of non-traditional wedding locations and activities and components to a wedding ceremony. But the standard, required element in all weddings is the signing of the marriage license, by law, to satisfy the legal requirements to be acknowledged as a confirmed action. That said, it's a strange thing to say "Husband and Wife", then go do some there are a couple options. Forward-thinking couples use the all-online option from Utah County so we can sidestep all physical, wet signatures. As the minister/officiant, I would have access to the couple's information on the Officiant Portal, add my information and the witness names, and we're done. The second option is to complete the paperwork before the wedding ceremony, although that's not the preferred order of operations from the State, it makes way more sense with the organization of the wedding ceremony. If either of these options are the case, however, the photographer may still want to take some pictures of the couple signing the license. That's the job of the non-denominational minister, bring a fake. Ha. I'll print an authentic looking license so we can do signatures, get pictures, and still have speed to market with the actual license. And the internet wins again.

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