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Requirements for a Wedding

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

I had a couple reach out to me today about being their wedding officiant next month, and they asked, "do you know anywhere we could hold this for free?" What a lot of couples don't realize, and what I didn't even realize when I first became a minister, is that the State government has very few requirements for a wedding ceremony. They don't care about the location of the wedding, and they don't care about the language used in the ceremony, meaning we can perform weddings wherever we want and use whatever words we want to formalize the union. So I responded to the couple by saying "It doesn't matter...we can go to a park or a trailhead or your backyard, we can pull off to the side of the road. We can do it literally anywhere." Wedding officiant 101, find out what the couple wants and try to steer them toward that. Their concern was the price tag, not the availability, so I'm guiding them toward one of the parks in the Salt Lake proper community. We can find some nice lighting for their pictures, take care of the ceremony, and submit the paperwork all without costing them an extra dime.

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