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Rainy Day Elopement

Nothing like a rainy Spring day to officiate a wedding ceremony (elopement) at the park. These two love birds decided to elope this week, I recommended Liberty Park because of the lake and gazebo, which would have been perfect with the rain but there was a homeless man curled up under the cover. So instead, we planted under this tree and had a cute 5-minute wedding ceremony, then found a couple of strangers in the park to serve as witnesses. As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, sometimes we have to be creative with those elements because I don't belong to an affiliated organization or religion, meaning I don't have a building where we can have the wedding. That's tough sometimes, but I'd argue that's actually more memorable in most cases for all parties involved. For example, those strangers? Those witnesses? They were thrilled/excited/supportive to sign the marriage license totally made their day, and now we're all tied together in a small way to have had this wedding ceremony on that soggy day in May. Really cool wedding ceremony today (and I got to rep my USU beanie bc of the rain, go Aggies!). Ha.

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