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Pre-Wedding Consultation

The thing about weddings is most people aren't in them or around them on a regular basis, hopefully it only happens once or a couple times for each person, so the reality is there is no practical reason for the average person to know a ton about weddings or wedding ceremonies. So...a lot of times as a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, I'll recommend we jump on a Zoom or FaceTime meeting real quick to chat about what they need to know about the government's involvement in the process, what they need to be thinking about to make sure their wedding goes smoothly, and how to prepare everyone involved so the wedding day is less stressful. Because I'm officiating weddings every week, I know most of the answers to those questions and can guide the Bride and Groom through the process a little more succinctly. Pictured here, and in the video linked below, was a pre-wedding consultation I led today for a couple getting married in June. Most of the time, my couples don't even know what questions they have, so 20 minutes on the phone can go a long way in prepping for a once-in-a-lifetime day, my favorite day, the wedding day.

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