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Old Courthouse Wedding

In the old parts of Utah, central Utah, farm country, the weddings are chalk full of tradition and old architecture and small towns, and that was absolutely true for this wedding ceremony too. One road in town, one lane, one courthouse. So the wedding party gathered on the lawn in front of the red-brick building on main street, and I took over. As a non-denominational minister, professional wedding officiant, and justice of the peace, my work takes me all over the place, but small towns have a bit of a different vibe. Intimate and family-oriented. Pretty cool gig when a wedding ceremony will take you somewhere in the same state you've lived your entire life but never been to, this one to a little place, a tiny place called Joseph, Utah. That's the gig. That's the benefit of offering a service and knowing things that no one else knows, wedding stuff that you only need to know a couple times in your life, but when you do it pays to have a professional in your corner, a professional wedding officiant, non-denominational minister, and justice of the peace. That's the gig.

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