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Office Elopement

As a non-denominational minister, justice of the peace, and wedding officiant, I've been given the opportunity to help a lot of couples who the County is currently turning away due to COVID. For this wedding ceremony, we huddled in the entryway office space of a Sugarhouse real estate company, to have a quick elopement. And sometimes that's how a wedding ceremony works. As a non-denominational minister, it's my job to adapt to the situation, provide a thoughtful wedding ceremony, and complete the paperwork for the overseeing municipality. This is a really important event and moment for a lot of couples as health insurance, citizenship, or travel may be impacted if they can't complete the wedding ceremony in a timely manner. I only wish Salt Lake County would send me all of the people they are currently turning away so I can help them, but they've argued they need to keep a separation between church and state so they can't send people to me (doesn't make any sense, but whatever).

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