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No County Weddings

One of the interesting, unintended consequences of COVID is that the government has reduced some services and restricted public access to some important products, like wedding ceremonies. The County office is open by appointment only, so I send most of my couples to the Utah County marriage license site actually because they do marriage licenses all-online, meaning no one has to physically go in to fill out an application. Much more convenient for local couples, and it actually opens the door for non-local couples to get married via Zoom or FaceTime, some virtually meeting place, as long as they can get their license. I've completed wedding ceremonies, for example, for couples in Italy and Cambodia and New York and Arizona, all from the comfort of my own home because this option offers such great flexibility. Because I've officiated so many weddings in the last couple of years, my name is on a registry for non-denominational ministers who can perform a wedding legally, virtually.

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