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Milling Around Before The Wedding Ceremony

I'm a professional wedding officiant, non-denominational minister, and justice of the peace, and I take my job pretty seriously. What that means is arriving at the wedding ceremony at least a half hour before we are scheduled to begin, so I can talk to the Bride and Groom about last details, work with the DJ to figure out timing and music cues, and double check with the venue coordinator to ensure everything is in place. Sometimes though that means I have some down time (as pictured) to just relax before the show begins. This wedding ceremony was at the Millcreek Inn in Millcreek Canyon just outside of Salt Lake, and it was a beautiful afternoon so I didn't mind killing time (DJ Don caught this candid pic). It's one of my favorite things as a wedding officiant and non-denominational minister, I get to officiate on beautiful days in amazing locations for unbelievable couples. It's good for the soul.

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