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Last-Minute Officiant - I'll Be There In 10

So there I was right? Yesterday afternoon, just finishing up officiating a wedding at a church near Capitol Hill when I get a phone call "Hey, our officiant didn't show up for our wedding this afternoon, can you help?" No most wedding officiants are actually good at their jobs, they show up on time and deliver a wedding ceremony, complete a marriage license, and go on their way (though not all personalities are the same, not all deliveries are the same, and not all wedding officiants are made equal). That said, sometimes people double book. That's what happened here, for this Spanish-speaking wedding in South Salt Lake, the officiant just didn't show up. Luckily I was close, and luckily they had a translator (I speak very basic Spanish, but not well enough to officiate on my own just yet, work in progress). As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant though, I'm always thrilled to jump in. Seriously I was in their backyard within a half hour from first contact to get them a great wedding ceremony, fill out their docs, and totally save the day. OrangeBird Officiants for the win.

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