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Indoor Waterfalls

A wedding ceremony is often remembered by the surroundings it takes place in, and that's visible to me as much as anyone because I'm a non-denominational minister, and I officiate weddings in all sorts of surroundings. This venue, Millennial Falls in Draper, Utah, is known for its running water and wedding party waterfalls, both inside and out. Pictured here is the stairway from the main foyer to the Bride's quarters, adorned by a picturesque waterfall. It's probably not for everyone, but a wedding ceremony is one of the most unique things a human being will plan in their life, so why not do it with style? As a traveling wedding officiant and non-denominational minister, I have come to appreciate the beauty of the venues we have available to us, in all quarters and locations. And to each their own. A wedding ceremony should be a celebration though, no matter where it occurs.

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