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Ice in their Veins

This crazy couple flew from Hawaii to Utah to have their wedding ceremony in the absolutely frigid and freezing cold of a windy February day in Syracuse. And the bride walked through the snow in toeless shoes. Ha. As a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, I get to see couples do things I could never explain, and profess vows to each other that could never be duplicated. For this wedding ceremony, we had a dozen or so people in-person, and another dozen or so joined through Zoom to witness as these two promised to love each other forever. And it was cold, ice cold. Frigid. Windy. I suggested they do a vow renewal ceremony in a few years on the beach, and I'd fly out to Hawaii to officiate the services for them. If you're not from Utah, you may not be able to appreciate how nasty a clear day can be in the dead of Winter, but the love in a wedding ceremony can absolutely justify the discomfort. This was a great one.

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