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Hot Sun Wedding Ceremony

You know how sometimes right before a storm rolls in it gets really hot? I mean it always gets "calm", but there are times when the sun comes out on a day when it's supposed to be really mild with clouds coming through, and that happens, but only after it gets blazing hot for a few. Well the other day it did, and it was a wedding day (I mean look at my groom's bald head taking on that heat). It was just a small backyard wedding ceremony, totally in line with what I'm asked to do as a non-denominational minister and professional wedding officiant, spot on, and we had a great service, that hot hot sun though, just beating down. Ha. Goes to show that you can't control everything in all cases, not even for a remote wedding via Zoom or FaceTime, sometimes even those have hiccups and unexpected surprises, but the thing that unifies all wedding ceremonies? Love and commitment and compassion and friendship.

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