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Handfasting in Santaquin

In 2022, the traditional wedding is almost obsolete...the days when a Bride and Groom walk down the aisle in a church and a bishop or cardinal or pastor goes through some rote then emotionlessly pronounces them husband and wife? Yeah, there are a lot more options these days. This wedding ceremony, for example, incorporated an old school, European original - the handfast. In short, the Bride and Groom hold opposite ends of a cord or rope, in this case it was a completely custom ribbon made by the Bride, then as the wedding officiant describes how the knot is tied and what it represents, how with firmness even pulling in opposite directions it gets tighter, they wrap and pull the ribbon until a knot is created and the two lives are bound. Really beautiful, symbolic representation of two individuals choosing to go it together. Really beautiful wedding ceremony, this one.

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