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Glass Shards Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is always made up of some pretty traditional components: presenting thoughtful advice, exchanging of vows, giving and receiving of rings...but sometimes a couple will add a more non-traditional, non-denominational element to their ceremony such as the Fisherman's Knot, a Sand Ceremony, or a Glass Shards Ceremony. This weekend I was able to officiate for the last. The Glass Shards Ceremony consists of three vials, two filled with broken glass shards of different color, and a third empty vial. As the officiant reads ceremonial language that discusses combining the shards representative of combining all the individual pieces of each other, the Bride and Groom pour each of their vials into the third, empty vial resulting in a combination that can never be separated. Very cool, unique ceremony that ends up as a nice takeaway for the newyleds.

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