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First Ceremony of 2022

After officiating 120 weddings in 2021, 200 total since the beginning of 2020, tonight was the first wedding ceremony of 2022, a thoughtful and new ceremony for a rad couple from Florida. As a non-denominational minister, justice of the peace, and wedding officiant, I work at venues all over Utah, from Vernal to Logan to Zion's to Moab, including a half a dozen or so at the venue for today, a really cool spot called the Hideaway on Angel in Layton. This one had a little bit of everything...30-minute delay on kickoff, a dog ring bearer, thoughtful personal vows, and a fully choreographed recessional. Really cool day to be honest. And it's wedding ceremonies like this one that remind me that I'm in the right space. It's compliments from the mother of the bride, "thank you sooo much, you're such a pro, we couldn't have asked for anything more" that remind me I'm the right guy for the job. Excited to see what else is headed my way. Link to the video included below.

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