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Eloping in the Winter

This beautiful little wedding ceremony came together last minute, but it's actually been my experience that elopements are often some of the most memorable services. As a non-denominational minister, justice of the peace, and wedding officiant, I've been asked to officiate for friends I know from FaceBook before because unlike the County, I'm available to oversee wedding ceremonies on the weekend, outside the government's 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. That's exactly what happened this Saturday. For a number of reasons, my Bride and Groom decided they wanted an intimate wedding ceremony, without all the complications, just at the park with some close family. And that's exactly what we did. The six of us hiked through the snow a bit, just far enough to have some privacdy, found a great spot next to the lake, had a quick service with some laughs and shared commitments, then marched back out. Using Utah County for the marriage license means we didn't even have to physically sign any documents, just some online content and an electronic signature. The couple was officially married before we were even on the freeway headed home. And that's what eloping with OrangeBird looks like in the Winter, and that's what makes the gig so fun.

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