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Dream Wedding

Not all dream weddings happen on a beach at sunset with fireworks in the sky and champagne bottles. Some couple's dreams are different. Some include a home with a view and building a life together. Literally. Lori and Larry asked me to perform a small wedding in their dream home, that happened to be still under construction. So we set up shop in the future dining room looking out over their future deck where they will make years and years of memories together. The home (pictured below) is something they have designed together, are building together, and will live in together for the rest of their lives. And that's a wedding I can get behind. What a cool way to celebrate their love, having met at the Grand Canyon three years earlier, to the day, now committing themselves to each other forever in their dream home. These are the days I love being a non-denominational minister, it's the only way I get to involve myself in the lives of these amazing people.

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