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Ceremony Turned Reception

One way couples handle a wedding ceremony is to identify a location that can be both a wedding venue and a reception locale. As a non-denominational minister, I see it all. As a justice of the peace, I'm often hired by couples having their first wedding, but I'm also hired by couples who are giving love a second chance. As a wedding officiant, my job is to not only manage the wedding ceremony, but often to oversee the semantics of changing from the wedding to the reception. Pictured here is one of these wedding reception centers being converted from the wedding ceremony to the after-party. My job as the wedding officiant, as the justice of the peace, as the non-denominational minister at a wedding ceremony is to MC the whole process, from making people laugh to making people cry, from overseeing the wedding itself to announcing the details of the reception. That's the business of a wedding.

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