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Bullpen Wedding Officiant

Most times I'm scheduled months in advanced to serve as the wedding officiant and non-denominational minister for a wedding ceremony, but there are definitely times when a Bride and Groom contact me last minute because plans have changed or their officiant bowed out. In those cases, my services get called in from the bullpen. This week I was contacted on Monday, "Our wedding officiant caught COVID and had to cancel, are you available for a wedding ceremony on Thursday afternoon?" Thankfully my schedule is fairly flexible, and I was actually able to squeeze not only the wedding ceremony in, but a wedding rehearsal the not before as well. And that creates stress for sure, mostly for the wedding party, but my job as an experienced justice of the peace, a professional non-denominational minister, and a tenured wedding officiant is to manage the wedding ceremony start to finish, from the processional to the business of the service to the exchanging of rings and personal vows to the recessional and send off. Even as a bullpen wedding officiant, in a replacement role, I take the job seriously, and am always happy to be with people on their best day.

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