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Bad Wedding Coordinators

So it's a Friday right? Late morning, Salt Lake City, and I'm about to officiate a wedding for a great couple at a venue near Trolley Square. Wedding coordinators are scrambling around like it's their first time, because it may actually be their first time, and it's a little annoying to know that there are questions they should be asking that they're not, and there's direction they should be giving, that they're being paid to give, that they are not giving. As a non-denominational minister, justice of the peace, and professional wedding officiant, it's my job to make sure my 15 minutes or so of spotlight go seamlessly, regardless of what else is going on, but distractions like that add a degree of difficulty. I can't control that nonsense anyway, so I suck it up, bite my tongue, and just let it happen because it's someone else's butt on the line, though a little nudge from the wedding officiant here and there definitely moved things along. Truth is, there are not many days that benefit more from expertise than a wedding day, and not many events are higher stress than a wedding ceremony that is managed poorly. Wedding days can be tough, just remember to hire a pro in every position.

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