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7 Wedding Weekend

October is the most popular month for wedding ceremonies in Utah, Autumn is my busiest season for sure, and as long as the weather holds, there's good reason for that. For the first weekend in October (Fri-Sun) I was lucky enough to serve as the wedding officiant, non-denominational minister, justice of the peace for 7 weddings ranging in formality from 100 guests to an elopement in a small park with bride/groom and 2 witnesses. The wedding ceremony is a completely unique experience and moment, driven by the relationship of the couple proposing to enter into completely unique commitments, so the timing of the wedding ceremony (Spring vs. Summer vs. Autumn vs. Winter) is an important and appropriate decision each couple has to make. Lucky for me, most couples prefer milder temperatures to 100 degree Summer days or snowy winter evenings. Being a wedding officiant is the most rewarding thing I've ever done, and hiring a professional wedding officiant, is the smartest thing a Bride and Groom can ever do, other than picking the perfect day in the perfect time of year for the wedding ceremony itself.

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